Al-Qadir Fresh (Vegetable + Fruits)

Fruits and vegetables

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as exporter of fresh fruits & vegetables from Pakistan.

Our company “Al-Qadir Fruits & Vegetables” was established in 2017. We have been exporting our quality fresh fruits & vegetables and other products to many countries including Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Germany, SriLanka, Malaysia, Maldives, Brunei and other destinations.

We have a strong network of Fresh Fruit Farms, Processing Units, Storage, transportation and Export. We are mainly dealing in the export of best quality fresh fruits and vegetable available in Pakistan

We believe in “highest quality with competitive price” and never compromises on quality in order to have long term business relationship with our customers. You are always welcome to contact us for more information.



Al-Qadir is a leading exporter of Mandarin or Kinnow. Mandarin is a the king in citrus fruits, Citrus fruits are native to Southeast Asia and are cultivated in warm climates. The Kinnow, a member of the Citrus Fruit family, was developed through a lengthy hybridization process. The Kinnow is indigenous to Pakistan, the largest grower of Kinnow in the world.
Pakistan annually produces slightly less than 2.5 million metric tons of citrus fruit (mainly Kinnow). According to an estimate approx. 95 percent of the total Kinnow produced all over the world is grown in Pakistan.

Chaunsa Mangoes

Chaunsa is widely regarded as the best mango in terms of its rich aroma, sweet taste, juicy pulp and high nutritional value.
Indubitably, it is one of the worlds’ top two or three varieties of available mangoes. It is an exceptionally sweet mango with a wonderful fragrance and delicious soft, succulent flesh with only the minimum of fibre. Externally, as with many Asian mangoes, it is not a fruit of beauty, usually being of a pale, matt yellow appearance, but one inside the thin peel it is a delight. In Urdu the name Chausa means ‘sucker’, so named because the mango is so delicious that not a fragment can be left.

Fine International Trading is offering our customers top quality Chaunsa Mangoes. We are exporting that in huge quantity to worldwide every year. We have ever growing consumer base for this mango type.


Pakistan is rich in varieties of Guava. Guava fruit, round or oval depending on the species. They have a pronounced and typical fragrance, similar to lemon rind but less sharp.

Guavas are a special kind of fruits. Guava is believed to be originated in tropical America (Mexico to Peru). At present, it is mainly produced in South Asian countries, the Hawaiian Island, Cuba, Brazil, Pakistan and India. In Pakistan, the major guava growing areas include Shariqpur, Kasur, Lahore, Sheikhupora, Sangla Hills, Gujranwala in the Punjab; Kohat, Haripur and Bannu in the North West Frontier Province and Larkana and Hyderabad in Sindh.


Pomegranates or Anaar is a special fruit found in Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is only available for limited months in Pakistan. Fine International Trading Pakistan exports the supreme quality pomegranates. It is the most popular nutritious fruit, its flavor and qualities makes it different to taste and it has some medicinal properties too. Its outer part possesses a leathery type texture and it is red/purple or an orange and yellow mixed in color. Inside it consists of cells of juicy arils which are crystal pink and seeds are present inside this in white color.


Over the years, potato has become an important crop for both farmers and consumers in Pakistan. It is the fourth most important crop by volume of production, it is high yielding, having a high nutritive value and gives high returns to farmers.


Onion (Allium cepa L) OR Piaz (in Urdu) is one of the important ingredients used in daily meals all over Pakistan. Onions are used in soups, salads, sauces and for seasoning foods. Onions as a part of diet may play a part in preventing heat disease and other ailments (suggested by medical research). It is rich in phosphorus, calcium and carbohydrates