Al-Qadir Meat products

Al-Qadir Meat products

Al-Qadir Meat.  started functions in  2019 located in  Distt. Kasur, Pakistan, with the aim to become Pakistan’s first fully integrated Halal meat company.

The company is a leading and innovative supplier of top quality red Halal meat products for the Local, National and International retail, commercial and food service markets. We also serve every market sector with the widest possible range of choices, all produced to exact customer specifications.

Health & Safety is a main priority  and the welfare of our employees is taken very seriously. Al-Qadir Meat. continuously conducting the Health and Safety training for our employees.


To keep in the relentless pursuits of excellence for achieving product Quality and Safety whereas our preparedness to face new challenges provides the essence of our future plans.


The Company also aims to modernize Halal meat processing facilities in Pakistan, which currently meet the International Hygienic standards.


Al-Qadir Meat . has planned to take an initiative to take care of ethical and health values of Halal meat & its products while ensuring Halal & Hygienic integrated Halal meat value chain through a Compliance Regime right from the animal origin up to the end user.