Seed Corporation

Al-Qadir Seed Corporation

Al-Qadir Seeds Corporation Pakistan. have a major share in Pakistan’s seed business as a producer & importer of high-quality seed brands. Our main focus areas are on major field crops like Cotton, Rice, Corn, Wheat, Pearl millets and Oilseeds (Sunflower and Canola) as well as small-acre crops like Vegetables, Ornamentals & Fodders. Producer of seeds since 1991, Al-Qadir Seeds Corporation offers a broad range of quality products as unique Cotton Bt. seeds, Hybrids and open pollinated varieties in Rice, Corn, Sunflower and Vegetables. Our seed products are thoroughly tested at a network of professional contract growers and on the Al-Qadir’s owned production and research farms. Our R&D team is comprises of highly qualified and experienced persons and their main motto is to develop and introduce such varieties which are not only suit to our local environment but also give high yield as a result of which the financial position of our farmers will improved. The core activities of this team includes,

Products Field Crops:


  • Super Kernel Basmati
  • Basmati 1121
  • Irri-6
  • Irri-9


  • Bakhat-1
  • Sabz Bahar

wheat seed

  • Sahar
  • Gandam-1
  • Ass
  • As-2002

Sunflower Seed

> No. of days to germinate            :         3-4

> Plant height                                   : 160-190 cm

> No. of leaves / plant                     : 29

> No. of days to flowering               :       50

> Head diameter                              : 18 cm

> No. of acne / head                         : 1500

> Yield / acre                                      :      35 Monds